Shipping Update

I used to use a very basic ecommerce site when I first started my online store. It was simple, to the point, but it lacked things I needed. I moved on to another site builder and it was amazing, I loved it for the past 2 years. Until I started getting over 200 orders a day.. that's when it all really went downhill. As of 2 weeks I now run my website through, now they are great in helping me do what I need to do, but their eCommerce side of things does need some help. I do apologize if shipping has been delayed for you.

I used to have a fabulous amazing shipping team member, my cousin. She helped me do all my packaging and took care of all of the shipping. After I laid it out and wrote a note, she'd double check it, package it, and ship! Well baby girl now has 2 jobs, and is about to move away, and is working on her bright future. I am so incredibly proud of her!!!

For the past few months it's been just me, myself & the post office. It gets so hard, but hopefully soon I will be able to hire a new shipping person to help streamline my process. If you didn't know, my name is Yesenia. I just turned 27, live in Southern California, I am married, mom to a baby in heaven and my 3 fur babies, Nala, Simba & Luna. I work a regular job, do freelancing, run social media accounts for some businesses, and well, do all of my Yesenia's Tiendita jobs.

Please know I am doing my best to get to all your DM's, Emails & Packages. If you ordered in last 2 weeks, your packages will ship out Wednesday. If you ordered prior to that and still have not received your package please fill out my "missing package" form by clicking here. This is MY NEW feature to help organize my DM's & Emails, until we get this shipping under control. Want to know our shipping processes? Click here!

Thank you for all your love & support!



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